What To Do with Cut, Shed, or Used Hair

Feb 15, 2021


Welcome to Courtney Taylor, your go-to source for innovative and creative approaches to arts and entertainment in the field of visual arts and design. In this article, we will explore a fascinating topic that often goes unnoticed but holds great potential - hair disposal options and the various uses for cut, shed, or used hair. At Courtney Taylor, we believe in uncovering unique ways to repurpose materials, and hair is no exception.

The Importance of Responsible Hair Disposal

Before diving into the exciting possibilities for reusing hair, it's crucial to address responsible hair disposal. As individuals, we produce a significant amount of hair waste during our lifetime, whether it's from haircuts, daily shedding, or discarded hair extensions. Ensuring proper disposal is not only environmentally friendly but also respects the natural cycle of life. At Courtney Taylor, we advocate for conscious decision-making and responsible actions.

1. Donate Hair to Charity

One admirable way to make a positive impact is by donating your cut hair to organizations that create wigs for individuals who have lost their own due to medical conditions. Hair donations are especially valuable for cancer patients undergoing treatment. Check local charities or organizations specializing in hair donation and contribute to a cause that empowers others.

2. Fertilizer and Composting

Believe it or not, hair can be an excellent addition to your garden. Rich in nitrogen and other essential nutrients, hair can boost plant growth and act as a natural fertilizer. Consider composting your hair or incorporating it directly into your compost pile. It's a unique way to close the circle of life while nurturing your plants.

3. DIY Art Projects

Unleash your creativity by using hair as a medium in your art projects. From mixed media sculptures to intricate collages, hair can add texture and depth to your creations. Experiment with different styles, colors, and lengths to evoke emotions or convey a message. Let your imagination run wild and see where hair takes you on your artistic journey.

4. Natural Fiber for Crafting

Looking for an alternative to traditional fibers in your crafting projects? Hair can be an intriguing option. Whether you're knitting, crocheting, or creating woven pieces, hair fibers can provide a unique touch. Explore the possibilities of incorporating hair into textiles, adding a personal and unconventional element to your handcrafted items.

5. Pet Bedding or Nesting Material

If you're a pet owner, you can utilize shed hair to create cozy bedding or nesting material for your furry friends. Many animals, such as birds and small mammals, appreciate soft materials when nesting. Gather your pet's shed hair and provide them with a comfortable space while reducing waste simultaneously.

6. Educational Tools

Hair holds incredible educational potential. Teachers and educators can utilize cut or shed hair as a unique teaching aid, allowing students to explore concepts like textures, colors, and even scientific principles. Use hair swatches to teach about diversity, genetics, or even the concept of keratin. Education becomes even more engaging when you think outside the box!

7. Wildlife Nest Building

Nature often finds innovative uses for various materials, and hair is no exception. Leave out shed hair in your garden or outdoor space to provide building materials for local wildlife. Birds, squirrels, and other creatures may collect hair strands for their nests. Connect with nature and support the well-being of local wildlife through this simple gesture.


As you can see, hair disposal options go beyond the conventional methods. By exploring different avenues for using cut, shed, or used hair, we can minimize waste and unleash our creativity. Whether it's through charitable donations, artistic endeavors, or educational initiatives, hair has many exciting applications. At Courtney Taylor, we encourage you to embrace these possibilities and make a positive difference through responsible hair disposal.